April 2024  |  STEM

Trailblazers of Tomorrow: Inclusive STEM Education

What child doesn't love a fantastic science experiment or building a solar-powered robot that is controlled with a joystick or voice commands? The issue of whether students with disabilities ...

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March 2023  |  Executive Functioning

Making it Work! Educating a Child with Executive Function Challenges 

Does your child struggle with planning, organizing, and/or sequencing their thoughts? Perhaps, he/she struggles to follow simple multi-step instructions or balance assigned ....

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January 2021  |  Tutoring

A Different Tutoring Experience with EFM Educational Consultants, LLP

Are you wondering how your children are going to manage to work independently as we navigate back from these uncertain times? Our tutors have been working with students virtually over the last 13 years and are ready to jump in and ...

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January 2024  |  Diagnosis

Learning Disability or Learning Difference: How to Distinguish the Two

Every child struggles from time to time. Some may have trouble with a concept in reading or math, while others may have difficulty processing instructions. Regardless of when ...

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March 2022  |  Therapy

Private Therapy: Practical Expectations for Caregivers

A great measure of effective private therapy is whether the therapist has taken the time to make sure the family understands the goals and objectives that have been established for your ...

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