Providing Strategies and Support for Purposeful Learning

Supporting the love of learning one child at a time

EFM Educational Consultants, in partnership with our students, families, and community, provides each learner with appropriate social & educational support and growth opportunities that will advance our children to achieve success and become contributing 

members of the local and global communities. 

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Our Programs

The purpose of our programs, designed for students with and without disabilities, is to foster an inclusive learning environment that celebrates diversity, promotes equity, and empowers all learners. By integrating the arts into STEM education, our programs aim to provide a comprehensive and accessible approach to skill development, encouraging creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. We aspire to break down barriers, accommodate diverse learning styles, and cultivate a supportive community where every student, regardless of ability, can thrive and contribute to the exciting and dynamic world of STEAM.

Math Masters Hub

Students develops critical thinking, logical reasoning, and analytical skills that build a solid foundation for the quantitative theory needed to encourage fluid conversations of math concepts.

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Field Trip Excursions

Our field trips integrate real-world experiences, fostering STEAM learning through hands-on explorations, interactions with professionals and immersive environments. 

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Code Quest Ventures

Strengthens problem-solving skills, logical thinking, programming expertise with code quest ventures using leading industry technology such as Scratch, Python, Java and more! Unlock creativity and conquer challenges with us! 

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Tech Trek Discoveries

Builds critical thinking and innovative skills fostering future technology leaders and creators. Revolutionize worlds with cutting-edge tech solutions.

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What People Are Saying?

"We are certainly thankful that we found an accepting space."

"After a stressful year of math, we are beyond happy that our son is now excited about it. Thank you for sharing your excellence."

"Thank you so much for being a great tutor for me."

"Math has been a wonderful experience for my daughter. She is grasping the information well and advancing in her skill level much quicker than anticipated." 

We believe that appropriate access to quality programs with the right support is critical to learner success. 

Helping families identify tools necessary to produce better thinkers more 

prepared for an increasingly diverse and demanding society.

Connection to experts, access to reliable information, and personalized support.

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Navigating the journey of parenting can sometimes come with questions, especially when it comes to understanding your child's unique learning needs. If you've ever wondered about the possibility of a learning difference, you are not alone. Many parents find themselves on this path, seeking guidance and support. We invite you to read our most recent blog post that delves into the world of learning differences. Click below to read topics related to tutoring, therapy, or executive functioning skills.