Our Programs

Math Masters Hub

Students develop critical thinking, logical reasoning, and analytical skills that build a solid foundation for the quantitative theory needed to encourage fluid conversations of math concepts. Students with varying ability levels are fully included in all levels.

In our Math Masters classes, students are grouped by ability levels and we provide:

48 sessions (2x per week) * 60-mins * Virtual or hybrid options * Grades 2-12


Field Trip Excursions

Play a crucial role in showcasing to kids that STEAM is everywhere, bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world application by immersing them in interactive experiences highlighting the pervasive influence of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in our daily lives. Whether exploring hands-on experiences in botany at the Pumpkin Patch, researching the chemistry behind color mixing at a paint party, or exploring innovations in technology on a trip to the African American Museum or a baseball game, our field trips are designed to ignite curiosity and spark innovations for all learners throughout the year. 

Monthly field trips * 2-4 per month * Grades K+

Code Quest Ventures

Strengthens problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and programming expertise with code quest ventures using leading industry technology such as Scratch, Python, Java, and more! Unlock creativity and conquer challenges with us! 

2-8 weekly sessions * In-person * Grades  3+

Tech Trek Discoveries

Build critical thinking and innovative skills fostering future technology leaders and creators. Revolutionize worlds with cutting-edge tech solutions through fun and engaging clubs, classes, workshops, and lessons. No prior experience is necessary!

Sessions and meet-ups vary depending on class or club.

Grades 2nd and up