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Where do I Start?

We believe that homeschooling should be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.  Although there are a multitude of avenues you can turn as a homeschool parent, we are happy to provide a supportive roadmap as you embark on your exciting journey. Here are some tips on how to start homeschooling.

Specialized Curriculum Resources

Although there is no perfect curriculum, there are materials that can be helpful and need less modification for kids with unique learning profiles.  The following contains books/series from various publishers that I most often recommend.

Educators Publishing Service

Visual Tracking Resources

Academic Therapy Publications

High School Level

Wiesner Educational  

K5 Learning (K-6)  

Affordable Curriculum Options

One thing that seems to surprise many families as they venture into homeschooling is that curriculums do not need to cost a mint.  Affordable options are available. 

Extremely discounted to completely free textbooks, workbooks, chapter books, picture books, classic literature, and much more for grades K-12 are right at your fingertips. Here are a few great places to start your search.

Used Homeschool Books 

Exodus Books 

The Back Pack 


Laurelwood Books


All Free Printables

Pearson Homeschool

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool 

Homeschool Classified

Half Price Books

Discovery K12


Compass Classroom

A.C.E. School of Tomorrow


Online Spanish Courses

Homeschool Testing Resources

Hewitt Homeschooling

Pass Test

Let's Go Learn

DORA reading assessment

ADAM K-7 & DOMA Online       math assessment

Seton Testing Services


Aptitude Tests

Placement Tests

Specialized Tests

*Note: Accommodations provided via IEP, SEP, or 504 are allowable on these tests.

** HSLDA members may rent from HSLDA.  Not standardized so may not meet standardized testing requirements.  These tests are skill test administered by parents/professionals to determine what skills a child has or has not mastered.

Budget-Friendly Curriculum Options

Math Curriculum Options

CTC Math (K-12) - Mastery-based, multi-sensory curriculum that utilizes online videos tutorials in concise lessons to help break down concepts.

IXL Math (K-12) – Spiral curriculum that provides concepts to drill based on grade-level standards.  Membership fee required.

Touchmath - HIghly sequential, multi-sensory program that mimics patterns of spiral curriculums. Program good for remediation and intervention.

Teaching Textbooks (3-12) - Spiral-based, self-grading, college-prep curriculum.   Not as rigorous as other math courses; designed for independent learners Math 3-Pre-Calculus.  

Thinkwell Homeschool (6-12) - Mastery-based curriculum, taught by a university professor; automatically graded exercises & includes study notes, chapter tests, & grade reports.

Beast Academy (Ages 8-13) – Advanced comic-based program focused on problem-solving.  

Saxon Math (K-12) – Spiral-based, homeschool math program; easy to implement.  

Math U See (K-12) - Mastery-based program with teaching videos, manipulatives & con- sumable texts; good for kinesthetic learners. 

       Finding Support.      

You Are Not Alone!

Many disabilities have local and national non-profit organizations that connect the community & provide support for parents.  Groups exist online and in-person & offer varying levels of involvement based on the individual need of each family. 

Local Advocacy (Maryland)

Maryland Homeschool  Associations

The Maryland Community Connection

The Parents' Place of Maryland

Pathfinders for Autism

The Arc of Southern Maryland

Emotional Support 

The Parent Center Hub

National Advocacy Organizations


March of Dimes

National Center for Learning Disabilities


How Should Students with Disabilities Find the Right College?

Learning Disabilities Can Offer the College Admissions Edge

Enjoy your kids.

Learning should be continuous and it should also be fun!

Set healthy & realistic expectations.

Each year brings a new experience.  Embrace change. Evaluate ahead of time what a customized experience looks like for your unique family. 

Build a support system.

Input or inspiration, affirmation or validation.  Finding a community can help to refocus and ground you on those tough days. Comparisons steal joy, but a community provides connections to remind you that you are not alone.